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Wayward Sisters Deserved a Chance

Recently, The CW decided to not proceed with the Supernatural Spin-off “Wayward Sisters”. It came as a shock because almost all of the fans and the critics were sure that this was a done deal! Supernatural in its 13th season is still as successful as ever and has one of the most dedicated and passionate fanbase on this earth. And that fanbase has been the one to ask the channel for Wayward Sisters with guaranteed support from all of them. Most spin-offs have to earn a loyal fanbase after they have started and even then it is no guarantee of success. Wayward Sisters already comes with an audience so passionate and supportive that they have kept Supernatural alive for 13 years. A show older than the network itself.

We have been proactively asking for Wayward Sisters for more than 2 years now. From campaigns to slowly ingrating the idea into the show itself, Wayward Sisters has been special to all of us from fans to the cast and crew for a long time now. And when they finally green lit the backdrop pilot it was like all our hopes and dreams have been answered. A show with six diverse badass female characters as the leads, who kick ass, kills demons and vampires but who are also vunerable,and complex and emotional and human which makes them even more strong characters.

A chance to see six different women be their own heroes, their own saviours, who are not just a plot device in a man’s story, who are not there to be sexually objectified, but who are going to create their own stories and be the wonderful ladies that we have come to love over the years. Little girls would have seen them and have been inspired and would have thought that they could be like them too. That they have it in them to be their own heroes. But that has been taken away from us without even a valid reason.

I love Supernatural with all my heart and soul. And no matter how much we wish for it to continue forever, Supernatural is going to end one day. Yes, it has been renewed for Season 14, and most probably will be renewed for Season 15. But that Season 15 could also be it’s last season, and Supernatural won’t get another chance to build a spin-off that will be as deeply ingrained in the show as Wayward Sisters has been.

And our emotional attachment aside, the fact is this decision is not a good business decision. And no matter how much we might hate it, networks first and foremost want shows that profit them. And that is what is so baffling about this, no matter which way you look at it, this is not a good business decision. They citied The Original’s ratings as the reason they went with its spin-off rather than Wayward Sisters. But that is absolutely not true. Wayward Sisters backdrop pilot had higher ratings than most CW pilots in the last few years. And Supernatural had better ratings throughout the year than The Originals. So they are telling us that they said yes to a new spin-off of The Originals based on a spec-script because of the ratings. Then why the hell did they not go forward with Wayward Sisters when Supernatural has been laying foundation of it, piece by piece over the years and it had a successful backdrop pilot. With better ratings than The Original. How the hell does this make sense? And they renewed Dynasty- literally no one watched that show. Why would they renew that and not pick up Wayward Sister which already has a better audience than Dynasty or even The Origins ever did. Not to mention the reboot of Charmed and Rosewell, ordered a new football drama, and there is literally no guarantee that these shows will do well when they premiere. Wayward Sisters was a sure bet. Why would they take chance on shows that have no audience support, that no one wanted, and doesn’t have any guarantee of success over a show that would have had a fanbase that is 13 years old, is passionate as hell and has been actively asking for Wayward Sisters for years now. Supernatural’s fanbase is 95% female and as much as we love our boys, an opportunity to see different facets of different women in the Supernatural world, in a show that was solely about those women was like a dream come true. That is why I do not understand why The CW will choose to alienate their best fandom over Dynasty and a freaking spec-script. I don’t understand and I don’t wish to understand. Cause right now I feel like they have snatched away my one last hope from me. And I am pissed as hell about it. And hurt. Because they would rather make another spin-off of a spin-off about another bunch of vampires and their love stories when literally all of us are done with that. We don’t wish to see another one of those. And what makes my heart break even more and angers me even more is the fact that Wayward Sisters wasn’t even given a chance to prove itself in a season despite the fact that the backdrop pilot was a huge success and 99% of the fans and the critics were in support of it. There was extremely positive reaction to Wayward’s backdrop pilot and the fact that they still passes over it is another reason I just cannot begin to fanthom why they would make such decision. We are not even asking for a full 22 episodes series, we would have been fine with a 10-13 episodes series that could premiere will Supernatural is on hiatus during the winter. We would have taken anything they would have given us but this amazing and full of potential show wasn’t even given a chance.

Jody Mills, Donna Hanscum, Claire Novak, Alex Jones, Patience Turner and Kaia Neives, these women who have experienced so much loss in life, but they still have so much love and fire and compassion and the will to fight, to survive. They fight for themselves, they fight for each other, and they fight to save people they don’t even know. They are heroines. I have fallen in love with all these characters bit by bit and comtinue to fall for them every episode they are in. This fandom, this SPNFamily as we call ourselves, has loved these characters from the episodes they have first appeared in with all our worth. And we love them when they only appear in maybe a episode or two every season. Imagine how much more love we can give to these characters with their own series.

Jody, Donna, Claire and Alex were already a family and I have no doubt if given a chance Patience and Kaia can be a part of that family too. And there’s nothing more we love in this fandom than family especially the one that is choosen. These characters still have so much stories to tell. And they deserved the chance to tell it. And while the fandom is doing everything they can to change CW’s decided (making petitions, trending #SaveWaywardSisters , and keeping the fight going) , after this decision, I don’t trust the CW. After all before all this we were all 99% sure that Wayward Sisters will pe picked up. But simply because I don’t trust a bunch of executives in suits yo make the right decision, doesn’t mean I will stop fighting for this. It took us a lot of years to make even a pilot episode possible. We have been here through thick and thin, we have been here ever since wayward was barely a concept in the fans minds, and we will continue to be here. We will do everything remotely possible to make sure that the Wayward dream comes to pass. We will not give up. We will not stop fighting. We will not be silenced. Because we are Wayward AF. And they cannot take that from us.

#SaveWaywardSisters Sign the petition to show your support guys.

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Shining A Spotlight on Misha Collins


I was going to post my Vancon report this morning, but there’s something I want to talk about first. That something is Misha Collins. Partly because the events of the past week are so upsetting, which makes me long for a leader whose moral conviction and willingness to stand up for what he believes in can actually make change in this world that needs it so badly. Partly because I just finished my third Gishwhes, and watched Misha’s genuine and emotional reaction to the change we were all able to make together — I can’t think of ‘leader’ without thinking of Misha. Partly because Misha got some criticism for something he posted online, which I read as supportive but some read as the opposite – which can happen on the internet, no matter how good your intentions. Partly because I got some criticism too – which happens every time I…

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Different from Most Girls – Compliment or Insult? 

Too often we hear phrases like “You are different from most girls”, or “You aren’t like most girls”. In real life, but especially in media, whether it is movies or TV shows. While they may say it like it’s a compliment, what it really is is an insult to “most girls”. That’s why Hailee Steinfeld’s new single “Most Girls” matters so much to me. It doesn’t perpetrate to what the rest of the media has been telling us for years. It doesn’t pit women against one another. What it does is encouraging most women and tells us that while we may not be same, we are all best in our own ways.
 It’s true that no two people are the same. We are all different and exceptional in our own right. Every girl is unique in her own way, but to tell a girl that “You are not like other girls” is just another way of pitting women against women. And honestly, I am not here for it. I hate how media has always tried to make women be enemies of one another, whether it is to show two women fighting for one man’s affections in movies or TV Shows or to just publish articles about two actresses “cat-fighting” in the industry. It’s high time that we stop the women-hating game and start encouraging women to support each other.
I hate hearing statement like this when someone is trying to compliment a woman. You wanna compliment her? Try telling her that she’s unique, that she’s smart, that she’s intelligent, that she’s sincere. There are so many different ways to compliment a woman without turning it into a competition between other women. Because you know what? We shouldn’t be trying to women fight with each other, we shouldn’t be telling women that she can be brilliant only if she is better than other women and making it seem like women always have to be each other’s enemies. Women should be able to encourage and support other women and be aware that we always gotta have each other’s back.
Honestly, media should stop being low-key assholes and make women hate on each other in order to be “different/better than most girls”. There is a severe lack of women supporting women story lines and contents in our industry. We should all get with the program and realize that that’s what matters in today’s day and age. Women don’t want to be pitted against other women in order to be validated. And this industry needs to realize that as soon as possible and stop creating content that requires women hating each other, mostly to garner the male character’s affections. And that’s even more degrading because it seems like women have to fight in order to prove the significance and the importance of the male characters. At the end of the day, it seems like even the fighting isn’t about women, it’s about the men. And I hate that women are made out to be mere props in a men’s storyline.
“Most Girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable,
Most Girls, our fight to make every day, No two are the same,
I wanna be like, I wanna be like Most Girls” – Hailee Steinfeld
These words resonate deeply with me because every girl has a different story. We are all fighting our own battles every day. We work hard and we are all different. And we are all “Most Girls”. To undermine all this, undermine the fact that we are different and we all are still fabulous in our own way, just to satisfy a male’s ego deeply unsettles me. We are worth more than a men’s love interest fighting to get their attention. We are women. We are enough. And we are Most Girls.

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Trump and Climate Change: Both will Screw The World!!

In 2015, 196 countries signed the Paris Climate Accord in order to tackle the issue of Climate Change. The agreement was the first step forward by the world collectively finding and working on a solution for global warming.

All the nations that signed the agreement were asked to reduce the Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The global target of Paris Agreement was to keep global average temperature from rising 2°C by the end of the century. If the temperature rises beyond 2 degrees, there is a severe risk of dramatically higher seas, changes in weather patterns, food and water crisis and as a result of all this, a more hostile and violent world.

Even after signing the deal, this wasn’t mandatory. Countries were free to come up with their own way that was suited best for them. But it was a step ahead towards an international coalition, especially when it comes to Climate Change.

196 countries came together to work on this, 145 of which have already ratified to it. That alone should tell people that Climate Change is a real thing. It is not a hoax as President Trump claims it to be. The recent news of coral reef dying in Australia, at least five islands disappearing due to rising seas and erosion (although climate change may not be the sole factor but it definitely speed up the process), rise in temperature and rise in sea level sure does points towards the harsh reality of climate change.

Climate change doesn’t just affect us human beings. It also affects the millions of different species that have been living on this planet since the  beginning. For instance there are 1 to 9 million species estimated to live on coral reefs. At the current rate of coral reef degradation, it is estimated that 60 percent of the world’s reefs could be lost within the next 30 years. This could result in a hell of a lot of species being endangered or even being extinct.

This now seems even more of a risk since President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord this week stating many wrong facts, including one that says that the agreement would cost the US economy “close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while households would have 7,000 less income, and in many cases, much worse than that.”

Although the agreement is not legally binding, there was still hope worldwide that President Trump would follow through on the requests made in the Agreement, but with him officially backing out of the agreement makes it pretty clear about where the leadership of America stands on Climate Change and how it can be extremely damaging to the planet.

Before anybody points it out to me that there are still 195 countries in the Agreement, let me just say that as of 2011, America is the second largest contributor to the CO2 emissions, second only after China. And it stands to do a lot of damage to our planet. If this continues as it is right now, President Trump and his decision to back out of the Paris Agreement can do a lot of damage in the 4 years that he will be President. This decision doesn’t just impact the American people, it has international repercussions.

Scientists are worried, and that makes me worry a little bit(actually that makes me worry a lot).

This post isn’t meant to be political in anyway. At this point I do not give a rat’s ass about politics, and US’s political standing in the world because of this. I care that in the coming years, if our countries don’t maintain the CO2 gas emissions and let it rise beyond 2°C, this planet can essentially become inhabitable for the coming generations or at the very least make it extremely hard to survive because of food and water shortage.

Reading and hearing about this day after day has been giving me nightmares. And makes me really worries about the future of our planet. Because right now that future looks extremely bleak and dark.

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Friends? Or More?

If you clicked on this article because you thought it was about friends falling in love or something along those lines, then let me just warn you beforehand: it’s not. This is about friends not falling in love, because the notion that a boy and a girl can’t just be “friends” is ridiculous. And it seriously pisses me off whenever someone says things like ” there is always something else between a boy and a girl who are friends”.

I honestly think that this is complete bullshit. I mean I understand that there is a familiarity between them, and they are comfortable with each other. but have people considered the fact that they might not find each other sexually or romantically attractive. Honestly people, there is such a thing called “Platonic Friendship” that exists.

There is a common belief that the best relationships come from the best of friendships, and I get that. But good god people, there can be times where a friendship between a girl and a guy doesn’t have to mean anything else, and it can be just that: friendship.

I’m a girl, and my best friend is a guy. We love each other but for goodness’ sake we are not IN love with each other. My friends in college often thought that my best friend and I would make a good pair. From the stories that I told about him they somehow concluded that I must be in love with him because that could be the only reason that I would talk about my best friend. He’s my best friend, of course I’m going to talk about him.

Movies (Bollywood and Hollywood alike) and TV Shows can be partially blamed for this thought process in the society. There are often movies and TV Shows made that show one of the best friend falling in love with the other, or both of them falling in love with each other. We very rarely get to see best friends just being best friends, supporting each other, loving each other without it turning into a romantic relationship. Unless the guy best friend is gay, we don’t see best friends of the opposite genders just being platonic best friends.

I want society to accept the fact that friendship between a guy and a girl can exist, that it does exist. Please, for the love of all that is holy stop saying that a guy and a girl can’t just be friends. Because they can be. They absolutely can be. And those friendships? They can be one of the most beautiful things in life.

Let people live. Let people decide on their own whether or not they are “in love” with someone they consider a friend. If they are, good for them and if they aren’t, well good for them too!!

Stop pushing this bullshit about a guy and girl not being friends, because that is utter and absolute garbage.

Platonic friendships between a guy and a girl are one of the best things in this world. Trust me, I would know.

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A Mother Without A Kid

I have always been close with my Maasi. Maybe even more so than my mother. My mother might have been the one to give birth to me, the one who had me in her womb for 9 months, but I have always considered my Maasi as a second mother. And she has always loved me even more than her own flesh and bones kids. She often says that I’m her first daughter. And now I understand things from her perspective.

My sister-cum-best friend gave birth to a baby girl last year, and that little girl has taken over my heart ever since. I don’t have any kids of my own, I’m not a mother. But ever since I have looked into the eyes of my baby girl, every maternal instinct i have ever had, has kicked into over drive. She has me wrapped around her little finger and she isn’t even 1 yet. I don’t know where these maternal instincts came from, but honest to God, if I have to, I will burn this world down for her.

My sister and I have always been thick a thieves. She understood me and believed in my when no one else did. I was quite jealous when she got married, because i have had to share her with other people ever since. I never thought that I will love someone more than her. She’s my weakness and my strength. But now? I will literally throw her under the bus and use her as a shield to protect my baby girl, if that’s what it took.

I hope that I can be a good role model for her. That she can look up to me as a mentor. That maybe we will be as close as my Maasi and I are. That when she grows up, she looks at me as a second mother. Because I may not have given birth to her, but she is just as much my daughter as she is my sister’s.

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10 Things I Hate About My Best Friend

This article is about exactly what it says in the title , i.e.  “10 Things I Hate About My Best Friend”

  1.  He is super calm whenever I’m angry with him. It’s like,  come on asshole,  fight with me.
  2.  He is not as obssesed with TV shows as I am.
  3.  He lives miles and miles away from me,  because of which we don’t get to meet as often as I’d like.
  4. He gives me “space” when we are fighting(or when I’m screaming and yelling at him and he’s listening calmly), even though I don’t want him to give me space. I want you to fight back with me, bitch.
  5. He’s super calm whenever I’m angry with him (see: previous point). Why you gotta be so sensible?  I don’t want to hear you perfectly reasonable logic. Nope.
  6. He NEVER picks up the damn phone when he’s sleeping(He sleeps like the dead). Bitch,  I’m calling you at 3 in the morning,  I might be dying. Pick up the phone,  asshole.
  7. He doesn’t dream. What? How?  Why?  Why don’t you have any dreams when you sleep?  How is this possible?  It really pisses me off to know that he’s sleeping peacefully,  when I can never fall asleep before having 2 hours of crazy,  weird thoughts in my head,  and when I do fall asleep those thoughts just invade my mind again in the forms of a dream.
  8. He makes me laugh  when I cry – stop it,  dude.  Just let me cry out my frustrations every once in a while. You can let me cry sometimes,  okay?
  9. He still won’t watch Supernatural (with or without me), even though I have been literally begging him for years now.  One show – he can’t give me the time of one show?  Some best friend you are.
  10.  Most of all I hate the fact that I actually don’t hate anything about him (annoyed and angry at something,  to the level of actually fantasizing about killing him,  but I don’t hate anything about him).  I actually love him a lot and I’m very lucky to have him as my best friend.


P. S.  – I’m still pissed off about you not watching Supernatural.

P. P. S. – Consider this a heartfelt letter to get you to start watching Supernatural.  😜😜 (I said nice things about you – do this for all the nice things I said about you).