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Trump and Climate Change: Both will Screw The World!!

In 2015, 196 countries signed the Paris Climate Accord in order to tackle the issue of Climate Change. The agreement was the first step forward by the world collectively finding and working on a solution for global warming.

All the nations that signed the agreement were asked to reduce the Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The global target of Paris Agreement was to keep global average temperature from rising 2°C by the end of the century. If the temperature rises beyond 2 degrees, there is a severe risk of dramatically higher seas, changes in weather patterns, food and water crisis and as a result of all this, a more hostile and violent world.

Even after signing the deal, this wasn’t mandatory. Countries were free to come up with their own way that was suited best for them. But it was a step ahead towards an international coalition, especially when it comes to Climate Change.

196 countries came together to work on this, 145 of which have already ratified to it. That alone should tell people that Climate Change is a real thing. It is not a hoax as President Trump claims it to be. The recent news of coral reef dying in Australia, at least five islands disappearing due to rising seas and erosion (although climate change may not be the sole factor but it definitely speed up the process), rise in temperature and rise in sea level sure does points towards the harsh reality of climate change.

Climate change doesn’t just affect us human beings. It also affects the millions of different species that have been living on this planet since the  beginning. For instance there are 1 to 9 million species estimated to live on coral reefs. At the current rate of coral reef degradation, it is estimated that 60 percent of the world’s reefs could be lost within the next 30 years. This could result in a hell of a lot of species being endangered or even being extinct.

This now seems even more of a risk since President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord this week stating many wrong facts, including one that says that the agreement would cost the US economy “close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while households would have 7,000 less income, and in many cases, much worse than that.”

Although the agreement is not legally binding, there was still hope worldwide that President Trump would follow through on the requests made in the Agreement, but with him officially backing out of the agreement makes it pretty clear about where the leadership of America stands on Climate Change and how it can be extremely damaging to the planet.

Before anybody points it out to me that there are still 195 countries in the Agreement, let me just say that as of 2011, America is the second largest contributor to the CO2 emissions, second only after China. And it stands to do a lot of damage to our planet. If this continues as it is right now, President Trump and his decision to back out of the Paris Agreement can do a lot of damage in the 4 years that he will be President. This decision doesn’t just impact the American people, it has international repercussions.

Scientists are worried, and that makes me worry a little bit(actually that makes me worry a lot).

This post isn’t meant to be political in anyway. At this point I do not give a rat’s ass about politics, and US’s political standing in the world because of this. I care that in the coming years, if our countries don’t maintain the CO2 gas emissions and let it rise beyond 2°C, this planet can essentially become inhabitable for the coming generations or at the very least make it extremely hard to survive because of food and water shortage.

Reading and hearing about this day after day has been giving me nightmares. And makes me really worries about the future of our planet. Because right now that future looks extremely bleak and dark.