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Friends? Or More?

If you clicked on this article because you thought it was about friends falling in love or something along those lines, then let me just warn you beforehand: it’s not. This is about friends not falling in love, because the notion that a boy and a girl can’t just be “friends” is ridiculous. And it seriously pisses me off whenever someone says things like ” there is always something else between a boy and a girl who are friends”.

I honestly think that this is complete bullshit. I mean I understand that there is a familiarity between them, and they are comfortable with each other. but have people considered the fact that they might not find each other sexually or romantically attractive. Honestly people, there is such a thing called “Platonic Friendship” that exists.

There is a common belief that the best relationships come from the best of friendships, and I get that. But good god people, there can be times where a friendship between a girl and a guy doesn’t have to mean anything else, and it can be just that: friendship.

I’m a girl, and my best friend is a guy. We love each other but for goodness’ sake we are not IN love with each other. My friends in college often thought that my best friend and I would make a good pair. From the stories that I told about him they somehow concluded that I must be in love with him because that could be the only reason that I would talk about my best friend. He’s my best friend, of course I’m going to talk about him.

Movies (Bollywood and Hollywood alike) and TV Shows can be partially blamed for this thought process in the society. There are often movies and TV Shows made that show one of the best friend falling in love with the other, or both of them falling in love with each other. We very rarely get to see best friends just being best friends, supporting each other, loving each other without it turning into a romantic relationship. Unless the guy best friend is gay, we don’t see best friends of the opposite genders just being platonic best friends.

I want society to accept the fact that friendship between a guy and a girl can exist, that it does exist. Please, for the love of all that is holy stop saying that a guy and a girl can’t just be friends. Because they can be. They absolutely can be. And those friendships? They can be one of the most beautiful things in life.

Let people live. Let people decide on their own whether or not they are “in love” with someone they consider a friend. If they are, good for them and if they aren’t, well good for them too!!

Stop pushing this bullshit about a guy and girl not being friends, because that is utter and absolute garbage.

Platonic friendships between a guy and a girl are one of the best things in this world. Trust me, I would know.



I'm curious by nature. "Curiosity kills the cat" was written with me in mind. (History buffs knows that's not true). I'm a helper, I want to help people however and whenever I can. I love reading. Any kind of book I can get my hands on. I'm a nerd, a geek, a fangirl, a fanatic and sometimes a freak too. I'm emotional at heart but I don't like to show it. Spread positivity and love all around guys.. !! #WomenRightsAreHumanRights

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