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Hate prevailed in the end.! 

I’m not an American, I don’t live in America, I have never even been to America. In fact the American politics don’t even affect me personally. That being said, to hear that Donald trump is choosen President-elect over Hillary Clinton, is absolutely horrifying. I was out with my friends when I found out that Donald Trump won, and my legs gave out on me. And I would have fallen down if not for my friends. I was this close to losing my shit, forgetting that I’m in public and sobbing about how fucking terrifying that was, and I don’t even live in the country. I only managed to control myself because of my friends. They didn’t understand this reaction as they haven’t been following the American politics as closely as I have. Some didn’t even know who Donald Trump was. How do I explain to them that Donald Trump is a “sexist, racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, xenophobe, misognyst, a sexual predotor, and a bully” while also keeping myself in control and not crying over this. He built his entire campaingn on hate and people formed a cult around him. I have got news for all the people who voted for Donald Trump, all those things you accused of people of different colour, of immigrants, of different sexual preferences- you are those things. You accuse them of being violent and ruining your country while you go and do the same thing. Where does your basic human decency go? Are we all not human in the end? What does our nationality, our religion, our gender, out sexuality matter when at the end of the day we are all human? Is this the kind of world we want to live in- filled with hate? Being different doesn’t make a person evil. Just because someone is black, or hispanic, or gay or transgender, or muslim does not make them bad. It’s a person’s thoughts and their character and their deeds, which decide whether a person is good or bad. And you elected a hateful bully to run your country, to make it “great again”!! Guess what, it was already great. It is a shame, that now, history will remember Donald Trump as the 45th President of America, when it should have remembered Hillary Clinton as the 1st woman President of the United States. Because that woman deserved it. And I understand that she is no saint, she has her faults, she has made some questionable judgements, but every-body who voted for Donald Trump are hypocrites for accusing Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing when their favorite candidate is so much worse. For christ sake that man said about his daughter that “if she wasn’t his daughter he’d date her.”  My friends and family asked why I’m so upset by this when it isn’t even our country. Some even said that they sowed the seed, they’ll face the consequences. Let them. But it’s not just about Donald Trump winning and Hillary Clinton loosing. It’s about hate clouding people’s judgement, its about fear that so many of the people are feeling right now. Disappointment is one thing, half the Americans are disappointed now, half would have been disappointed and angry if Hillary Clinton would have won, but those half who are disapointed right now, are also afraid, scared for their safety, so unsure of what the future holds for them. And I understand that I have no right to tell anyone who they should vote for especially when its not even my own country, but when I see posts on different social media about even the most religious woman telling her daughter not to wear her hijab because she is afraid of what will happen to her if she does. About people telling the LGBT community to have hope and to hold on and to not be afraid. About people telling a Black person that if a cop ever stop them they will stand with them because they are afraid of being shot down. When I see that fear, it breaks my heart. I can’t even begin to feel even a fraction of fear of what they must be feeling right now. And I’m so scared for them because he says that he will bring back waterboarding or that he is open to using nuclear weapons in the middle-east and his running mate wants to give more funding to conversion therapy. How can I not feel scared when the President-elect and his running mate talk about torture so casually? I am an human being, and this matters to me. It absolutely breaks my heart. I hope that all that we are afraid of doesn’t happen. I hope to God (and I say this being an atheist) that Donald Trump doesn’t follows through on all that he promised during his campaign. Otherwise I hope everyone who voted for Donald Trump or third-party candidates can sleep at night, have their conscience clear, because you will be responsible for a lot of awful things that will happen to a lot of people, the misery this will bring in a lot of people’s lives. And I hope you can look into your friend’s or family member’s eye who are gay, lesbian, transgender, muslim, black, hispanic, immigrants, and tell them why their safety didn’t matter to you. And all those African-American, the LGBT community, the Hispanic community, the Asian-American community, and a lot of women, please hold on. Have hope. You are not alone. Don’t let fear rule you. You will get through this, and you will be stronger for it. #StrongerTogether #ImAnIndianAndImStillwithHer 



I'm curious by nature. "Curiosity kills the cat" was written with me in mind. (History buffs knows that's not true). I'm a helper, I want to help people however and whenever I can. I love reading. Any kind of book I can get my hands on. I'm a nerd, a geek, a fangirl, a fanatic and sometimes a freak too. I'm emotional at heart but I don't like to show it. Spread positivity and love all around guys.. !! #WomenRightsAreHumanRights

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